Friday, July 29, 2011

The person I knew is there... Somewhere

As per usual, I write my normal, ordinary post in my normal, ordinary style. This time, however, I write it whilst thinking of others - others who do not do as I do, others who change. Why don't I change?

Fear. No, not fear. Certainly not fear of breaking grammatical rules, since 'Fear.' hardly qualifies as a sentence. Perhaps it's stubbornness. Perhaps it's annoyance. Perhaps 'change' is simple the latest and greatest bandwagon for all the world to jump onto.

No matter. Change is change, and I am me. I am also getting married in a week and a day, so that represents change, but... I, myself, have not gone and change. I don't intend to (unless 'change' is growing and correcting errors in myself). So why does other people changing affect me so?

Perhaps it is because I feel they have more to offer than do I. Perhaps.

Wish me luck with life 'n' wife 'n' stuff.

...I love that girl who is to be my wife. Quite a bit.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A delay is upon us!

Today's quote for the day: "I dare do all that becomes a man. Who dares do more is not."

Tell me, people, where does this come from? Hmm? C'mon, you must all know it, surely!

Aside from that, we have upon our hands an update.

Update: yesterday I finished off the chapter I was working on for Flight of the Dolphin. Today I meant to start the next chapter, but instead found myself in bed asleep for two hours, after which I am... Somewhat indisposed to write, unfortunately. I likely /should/ write, anyway, I should get myself into the routine whether I want to or not, but... Well, I'm not going to bother tonight. I'm /tired/, people!

I think that's all for my update, really. What a short little uppity-duppity-date! D'aww ^_^

Tomorrow we're prepping a roof so we can crane it on Monday and thence get to the vital task of perfecting it, fixing its flaws, and sheeting it so the shinglers can come in and do that thing they do. Don't ask (to those of you who may or may not know: I'm currently working in construction, framing houses. Now you know and it all makes sense to you, doubtless).

I think that's all I have to say, really. The writing I've been doing is coming along fairly well, and I think I have a pretty clear-ish idea of where I want it to go, at least to the end of this book. For the next (yes, there will be more than one: I suppose I felt I had to in order to make myself feel like a true fantasy writer) I am, of course, slightly less certain, but that will come with time. I do, however, know where it's all supposed to end up ultimately, so that's good!

I think I'm gonna kill off some main characters. Maybe all of them. I always like killing off main characters.

Gimme your thoughts 'n' comments, people!

Oh, and the quote for the day? Yeah, if you answered "Macbeth!" then not only are you a silly Shakespeare person, but you have a good memory for plays. If you answered "V for Vendetta!" then you have excellent taste in movies and have the added benefit of knowing (from the movie) that the line comes from Macbeth without having to go to the trouble of remembering lines from plays! How awesome is that? ...Don't tell me, actually. I'll figure it out on my own.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Posto Duo

I realize it's been a long, long time since I've posted on here, but... Well, if it makes you feel any better, dear Blogger, know this: it's been just as long since I posted anywhere else, too! You're not the only one feeling the keen, bitter sting of my extended absence!

Now that I'm here, however, I have a couple of things to say. So pay heed, lest you miss the important parts and never get a chance to read this post again (as it will, inevitably, vanish in a puff of smoke as soon as you're finished reading it).

Firstly, I'd like to inform the world that I recently started going out with the most remarkable girl this silly little world of ours has seen. Call me biased or trust my judgment: either way, it stands as fact. Except that we're not sure that we're gonna call it 'dating', so 'going out with' might not apply. But don't blame me for that; I share but half the blame!

The second thing I wanted to post about was, as it ought to be, writing. After most of the summer passed by without me writing two creative words back to back, I finally decided to get a move on with my novel (well, one of my novels), Flight of the Dolphin. I had finished chapter 20 or so, and have since written or finished writing 2 chapters. Currently, I'm on chapter 23, which is coming slowly... I have about a page and 1/3 done in it.

The trouble with this novel is that the ending is gonna be massive, so I'm likely not as close to finishing it as I thought I was. But I suppose that could also be a very good thing: means it'll likely have a decent ending, right?

I promise I won't do like Tolkien and add a whole long anti-climax. Honestly, I won't. Even though I liked the whole 'Scouring of the Shire' thing.

Anyway, I think I'll try to post writing updates here for you guys. I don't know how consistent I'll be, either with my writing schedule or with my posting schedule, but that's the current plan. Take it or leave it, as they say!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Something a little bit different...

That (the title) is basically my current philosophy for this blog; it is to be something a little bit different. Those of you who are complete nerds and who also happen to be awesome will recognize the reverberations of Casanova Frankenstein, the villain of Mystery Men, in the title of this post... But enough of that.

I have another blog, one at a location which I shan't disclose to you (just to be ornery, I assure you), but I've been thinking of starting a new one for some time. I'm not sure if this will be a temporary stop on the internetty highway or if I'll keep it here for a while, but I s'pose we'll see as time goes on. I'm planning on eventually getting a domain for a personal/writing site for myself, and including a blog on that, but this may serve as a counterpoint to it or something; who knows?

Going along with the theme of 'something a little bit different', I was originally intending to go with the pink/purple layout scheme for this blog, but... Well, let's just say I decided that would be something a little /too/ different. Yeah, maybe I just lack the courage to be seen by the world as a pink/purple guy? Mayhaps. Maybe that fact doesn't bother me as much as I should... Or, rather, maybe it doesn't bother me at all.

Okay, I reckon that's enough info for one blog post. Uhm, in case you don't know who I am, I'm Kaboodleschmitt... I've been around for rather a while now on these webs of ethereal connectivity, but never yet on blogspot. But that's okay; I'm here now. Better late than never? Yeah, or something along those lines.

For now; adieu. Or, as the french would have it, farewell!